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Dear TRF Customer-

I was a little burned out last week, so we skipped the regular newsletter. With that in mind, we are sending it out a little earlier than usual this week. As you can see in the headlines, we are starting a sale today. We haven't done many sales over the last six months because 'Rona made a lot of things less efficient and it seemed hard enough to fill the orders we were getting without tempting customers with extra discounts. I'm rather tired of the virus now though and I'd like to at least pretend things are getting back to normal, so it seemed time for a sale in order to mix things up a bit. If you need some parts, you'll save some shipping on smaller orders or you can get a nice discount off pricing on an order over $750.00.

My Subaru needed new tires for state inspection and I made an appointment a week or so ago. I had to drive about half an hour to the place that was putting them on and I was there bright and early one morning for my appointment. 15 minutes later someone came out to break the news that my new tires were not in the building and I'd have to come back a few days later. A few days later when I came back, again bright and early, I found the tires had still not come in. I admit that I saw red for a moment and I thought about being obnoxious. A lot of things have gone wrong at TRF recently that are beyond my control though and I always appreciate it when customers remain calm when I'm giving them some bad news. So I decided I didn't need to take my pound of flesh out of the guy breaking the bad news to me about my tires. We scheduled one more appointment, I had my tires a few days later, and I'm still on speaking terms with the shop that put them on for me. And I had a paragraph for the newsletter.

I hope the rest of your week is great. Please order some parts if you are in need of something for your car.