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Dear TRF Customer-

Fall has arrived with a burst of color here in western Pennsylvania. I have not had much time this year to get the Spitfire out, but I did manage to take a spin to a local park recently to enjoy the foliage. Having time, or the lack of, has also affected my best friend, Matt, as his car has been laid up all summer with a bad differential pinion seal. I hope you have the chance to get your cars out for some needed miles this fall. Matt and I were able to finally replace his leaky seal last weekend and are planning to replace the rear tires on my car in preparation for a charity run this weekend. There is a charity bike run this weekend for a mutual friend, injured in an ATV accident, that we plan to join with the Spitfires.

Speaking of bike runs, I am reminded of the first run I joined with the Spitfire many years ago. The Blairsville F.O.E. “Eagle Riders” had a rally that started at a bar quite near my house, visiting Eagle clubs in Punxsutawny, Sykesville, Reynoldsville, and others before ending at the club in Blairsville. The riders were mostly accepting of the green four-wheeled intruder except for one very vocal gentleman. This gentleman had the biker look down to a “T”: black shirt, black pants, leather chaps, vest, and boots, skull bandanna, small helmet, and chain hanging off his wallet, all perched on a big rattly Harley-Davidson. His “concern” was that the Triumph was not reliable, and they would be forced, as a group, to wait beside the road while the car was being repaired. I suppose it was ironic fate that the only breakdown that day was that rattly Harley that was repaired using tools from the trunk of the “unreliable” Triumph.

I have some rather sad news to pass along this time. I would appreciate if you all join me in pouring out a shot glass of motor oil on your driveway or garage floor to mark the passing of Don Hayter, the last chief engineer who worked on the MGB. (Make sure you are pouring it in to a bucket or a car, I don’t actually want you dumping oil on the ground.)

It occurs to me that many people don’t know the actual size of our little company here in Armagh, so allow me to offer a little “peek behind the curtain”. Our current workforce is eleven full-time and two part-time employees. Sales accounts for three, data one, and shipping has three people working to get your order out. Those employees are just the ones assigned specifically to those places, but everybody in the building comes together daily to help get the orders out the door and the “machine” running smoothly. We received a very large air freight shipment this week, filling hundreds of outstanding orders. Our warehouse staff, and others, have been filling backorders as they are sorting their way through new orders.

Hopefully, you all have a great weekend and I’ll leave you with a picture of my surprise visitor from Monday enjoying the TR6 in our showroom.

Have Fun, Be Safe, And I managed to get through a newsletter without mentioning trains!