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Side Curtain Rebuilding—Built the Right Way At The Magic Carpet Factory and TRF

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TRF is committed to manufacturing the best quality replacement parts for parts that are no longer available or that do not meet our quality standards.

Steering rack

Rebuilt Steering Rack for Charles's TR5 fitted with TRF’s own rubber boots and correct hose clamps instead of nylon cable ties as provided by other vendors. The reason for the hose clamps is that the specified lubricant for steering racks is gear oil, such as TRF’s GL4. Gear oil lubricates the entire rack and runs into the boots. The hose clamps keep the boots from leaking. Using grease instead of gear oil results in only a small portion of the rack’s being lubricated. TRF makes its own rack boots, and we assemble the kits with correct hose clamps. If you are in the market for a steering rack, C.A.R. Components will make one for you just like mine. If you want more information on a steering rack rebuild, please phone C.A.R. Components at 824-446-4423, Extension 3029.

TR2, 3 Sills

The Project above is our TR2, TR3 inner sill assembly project. These are the foundation on which the rest of the car is built, and we have always wanted to improve the available product. The new products are being made by a company here in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, and they will have some features not included in parts available from other sources. It is our policy to keep an original sample of every part for which we can find an original sample. Virtually no TR2 and TR3 body parts were available when TRF was founded in 1978, but we purchased the sills from Bill Sohl at a TRA show in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in 1980. We brought the sills home and installed some of our “Sell & Die” stickers. These have a skull and bones, and the idea is that you will die if you sell our original samples. Because we saved our sills, we have them now when we need them for measurements. We will know when the new products are corret, as they will match our original samples! As a part of this project, our manufacturer made a tool to manufacture captive nut cages. He believes they should be bare metal and not plated, because the plated metal on cages available from other sources gives off toxic fumes during welding.