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The World's Greatest British Sports Car Company

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Charles Runyan, now a well–known British car enthusiast, founded the Roadster Factory in 1978. The Company was established in Charles's apartment, and it now occupies a thirty thousand square-foot warehouse. It is the goal of The Roadster Factory to make it as easy as possible for our customers to drive, maintain, and restore classic British sports cars for fun, for transportation, for racing, or for show as they desire. To this end, we stock everything from major components to nuts and bolts, and we provide free copies of parts catalogues for individual models.

The Roadster Factory is run like an old British car company, and its warehouse buildings look like the Morgan factory at Malvern Link or the old MG factory at Abingdon. The staff is all long-term, and some, like Deb Gawlas, have been here since the beginning. Everyone cares about running the business well and about the future of British sports cars. The Roadster Factory is located on the Runyan family farm in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. It is very beautiful here year-around, although the winters are sometimes rough. Spring, summer, and autumn months provide wonderful driving on two–lane country roads, and the location is a good one for a British car company.

The Roadster Factory started out with early Triumph models, and it grew to cover the entire range of Triumph sports cars. MGB was added in 1988, and several other models may be added as time goes on. It is always a goal to make everything possible available for the models in which we deal at The Roadster Factory. This means everything, all body panels, all mechanical components, all interior components, all electrical components, convertible tops, and correct hardware components to hold everything else together. Models covered include TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8, GT6, Spitfire, MGB, and MGB-GT.

As a British Motor Heritage Approved Supplier, The Roadster Factory has direct access to original-equipment parts whenever they are still available. In addition, The Roadster Factory supplies parts from original-equipment manufacturers and from manufacturers of quality reproduction parts. To complete the service, The Roadster Factory is also a major manufacturer in its own right, providing more than one–thousand components made as nearly as possible to original specifications every time. Charles Runyan and The Roadster Factory are famous for their commitment to quality parts and quality service to customers.

The Roadster Factory is much more than a mail-order car parts company. The Roadster Factory recognizes that a British car is an essential accessory for a traditional lifestyle that centers around many of the things we enjoy, country houses, setter dogs, romantic picnics, tweed jackets, leather sofas, oriental carpets, wood burning fireplaces, mystery novels, English ales, French wines, woolen blankets, antique tractors, loyal friends, brave men, and pretty girls. We recognize that a British sports car is an essential accessory, and we put our energy into promoting the hobby and providing the parts that make it practical to own, maintain, and drive a British sports car well into the 21st century.