Photo of the Week: AMCO style gearshift knob


We have created a lot of interest in the AMCO style gearshift knob, and we have delivered a couple of dozen to customers to date with dozens more in production.  It is a labor-intensive process but one which has our commitment.  Customers emailed some questions this past week, and I will attempt to provide some answers.  Yes, the knob is produced in two versions, one with the TR2, TR3 thread and the other with the thread used on TR4-TR6, GT6, and Spitfire.  Each knob includes a threaded alloy insert for installing it on the gearshift lever.  It seems that the part numbers had not made it into the online ordering system last week, and customers were wondering how to order.  Therefore, I will provide catalogue listings right here, and Karen Border will add them to each of the Triumph glove box catalogues. 


109045/WBW Gearshift Knob, walnut with threaded insert and 39.00
     cloisonne Triumph badge in blue and white,  
     fits TR2, TR3  
148870/WBW Gearshift Knob, walnut with threaded insert and 39.00
     cloisonne Triumph badge in blue and white,  
     fits TR4-TR6, Spitfire, GT6  

Production of knobs is continuing in the TRF wood shop along with manufacture of wood dash panels for TR250, TR6 and TR4, TR4A.  A run of TR250, TR6 dashes is moving along fairly well, and when it is finished, a new run of TR4, TR4A dashes will begin.  Work on the gearshift knobs is fitted in during drying time and between steps in the dash manufacturing process.  About sixty dash panels are produced in each run.  The wood shop also turns out many other components such as trim boards and smaller wooden parts.  A photograph of a new knob fitted to a TR6 was provided by Jim Ebersberger, a local friend and customer who lives about forty miles from TRF.  Jim had come to the aid of Wood Chuck by modifying the cutting tool which makes the recess in the knob to which the badge is fitted.  Many thanks to Jim for his input and for his friendship.




Photo of new walnut gearshift knobs