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I have a short story and picture from friend and customer Andrew Uprichard I thought I’d share with you this week. Andrew visits TRF several times a year to pick up parts and he generally takes me out for a meal and a couple of drinks at “Griffiths”, a local bar in Armagh, so I’ve gotten to know him pretty well over the last few years.

My brother David was a Royal Air Force Officer living in the UK when he came across a TR3 in the early 1970s. I don’t know what he paid for it, but when he got the car, it had the UK registration “SUE 500”. In the UK, one could buy and sell registration plates, so he offered the plate for sale. The story goes that there was a bidding war between 2 lawyers and David ended up selling the plate for more than he paid for the car! Unfortunately David was killed when I was only 16, but I keep the TR tradition going with my (currently 3) TR3s – all restored with parts from The Roadster Factory! Andrew


Photo of a blue TR3 car with registration plate SUE 500