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PHOTO OF THE WEEK—TR2 Upholstery Question


As you may know, most of the carpet sets TRF supplies are made here in the building from patterns Charles developed using original samples a number of years ago. We supply three different patterns for the range of TR2 through TR3A and I don't think you will find anything as close to original from other suppliers. Although Charles is not around anymore, Brenda has great attention to detail and she is faithful to the patterns he developed. We did have a question come up recently regarding the TR2 pattern though, and I haven't come up with a definitive answer on what is correct. Perhaps someone out there can help.

In most ways, the TR2 is the most simple model in the "TR" range. One exception is the carpet set, which goes together a bit like a jigsaw puzzle in some areas. Triumph simplified the pattern as time went on and by the time post TS60000 TR3A's came along, the gearbox tunnel was a single piece and the area on the rear shelf was simplified as well. Anyway, the question that came up is about whether or not there should be binding on the rear edge of the prop tunnel piece of the TR2 pattern. You can take a look at some pictures here if you'd like. The pattern Brenda uses does not indicate binding there and that's how she believes she has always made them. I can only conclude Charles thought it should be left unbound. The factory parts book does show the piece bound in a diagram, but the parts book doesn't always match up perfectly with reality. I've found a picture in Bill Piggot's book of what appears to be an original TR2 interior. Although it's hard to make out, it doesn't look to me like the area is bound in that picture to me. So if you have a TR2 and know the answer to my question, please drop me an email.