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We make a lot of the carpet sets we list in house at “The Magic Carpet Factory”, but we haven’t had a pattern for Spitfire in the past. For many years we only sold the molded version made by our trim supplier in the UK. This kit is rather expensive though, so a few years ago we started selling a more economical “fabricated” version made by another supplier in the UK. I guess the cheaper set did the job, but it wasn’t quite up to TRF standards, and a customer who bought one complained about it earlier this year. We got the one he bought back and I gave it to Brenda to take a look at. We happen to have a Spitfire floor assembly, so she started by laying it out on that and roughing out her own pattern. She made the center in three pieces for a better fit and used nicer material for the binding and the boots. The heel pads are the nicer ones we have made for the other carpet sets Brenda makes and she also designed a pattern for an underfelt kit. At this point, Dan Mabon brought in his Spitfire 1500 and Brenda compared her pattern to his (mostly) original carpet set. One detail she couldn’t reproduce is the rubber extrusion that runs across behind the seats. We didn’t have anything similar to use there, so she made a vinyl fold that I think looks very nice. This new carpet kit should probably sell for the same price as the TR6 tufted nylon sets we make, but we’ll list them for an introductory price of $379.00 for now. We’ll consider “tufted nylon” standard for now, but we can also make it up in rayon loop if you are interested.