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PHOTOS OF THE WEEK—James Livingston's 1972 Tr6 restoration is beginning!


James Livingston sent us several photos of his 1972 TR6 that he is beginning to restore. His story goes, “My Dad gave me this 1972 TR6 25 years ago and I am restoring in his honor. My dad has done a fair amount of business with The Roadster Factory in the early 90s when he was working on this car. He purchased this car and two other ‘72 TR6s in the early 90s. He gave one to me, the other to my brother, and the third was a parts car. He purchased my car from a doctor out of Memphis, TN who was the original owner. I can remember staying out at our old barn, that we stored farming equipment in, late at night while dad worked on both of the Triumphs. I was maybe 5 or six at the time. I can remember multiple nights falling asleep in the seats of these cars when he would be installing a trans tunnel, carpet etc. My mom hated that he would take my brother and I out riding due to the fact I rode in the back, which as we know is limited in space. I own 2 small businesses in Nashville, TN and dad is County Mayor in Haywood County TN. I finally got to a place financially that I can restore the car properly and not cut any corners. I can tell that dad is happy to see the process start and all we talk about now is the 6. It makes me smile to see him enthusiastic about the restoration of a car he handed down to me. J D’s British Cars in Nashville, TN is where the car is currently, and they will be helping with the restoration process. We got it out of storage and cleaned it up to see what I had, and the car came out better than what I expected—minimal rust, needs rockers and floor pans but typical.”