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PHOTOS OF THE WEEK—Richard Kilby installed TRF crash pads


Perhaps you remember we had a sample of the RHS TR4 “grab handle” crash pad in from our supplier a while back. I sent it to Richard Kilby in Australia to test fit and he has reported back favorably.

“Finally some thoughts and photos of the crash pad. The fitting went well with no issues. I am really pleased with the result—the grain on the vinyl is a really good match with the existing dashboard . I can thoroughly recommend this product for your catalogue. (also some good shots of the carpet set)”

If you need a RHS grab handle crash pad, the part number is 808732. The carpet set in Richard's car was also supplied by TRF.


TRF 808732 on left, original pad on right

Glue is applied to the vinyl

Ready to install

Crash Pad installed, with a view of the TRF carpet set

Close-up showing the grab handle