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Doretti News


Email From Albert

I have a customer with a TR3A who has also been doing some work on a Doretti. You can take a look at some pictures here. Swallow Doretti's are very interesting and I'm sure you can get more information than I could give you on them here with a google search. Anyway, Ted was looking for some straight fender beads, similar to those used on TR3A. We asked the supplier to make them special and we've been waiting a number of months for them now. In an effort to entice the supplier, Ted put the word out to the Doretti community and we accumulated orders for 16 more pairs. I've bumped the qty up to 25 pairs with the supplier. Although they still seem unimpressed, I'd imagine we'll see them eventually and we'll have some extras on the shelf for anyone who might need them.

Email From Customer, Ted Watson

I decided to provide you with a bit of information about the Doretti I acquired about two years ago.

The previous owner purchased the car in 1955 after the original owner traded it for a new car at a Los Angeles car dealership. The previous owner reportedly did a restoration and entered the car in a Concours. I'm not quite sure why someone would restore a car that was only a year old, but that is the story I got.

I first learned about the car in about 2014 from a friend and decided to contact the owner. The owner had passed away, but his daughter was now the owner of the car. I contacted her and asked if I could see the car and she said she would be very happy to let me visit and see the car. She knew a great deal about the Doretti and its history. I took all of my photos and notes from my first Doretti that I had in 1988 and gave them to her. I asked her what her plans were for the car and she explained that the car had been dismantled in 1960 because of an engine failure and it had been apart ever since. She said she planned to put it back together and keep it in the family.

In February 2020, I contacted her once again and asked about the progress they had made with the car. She explained that the car was in the same condition as it was when I last saw it in 2014. She said they decided to sell the car because they didn't have the skills or knowledge to finish it. I told her that I would help her sell the car since I had many connections around the world with British cars. I went to her house to take some photos and as I was looking at the car, I began to think about my first Doretti. I asked her what she was expecting to get for the car and she told me the price she had in mind. I made an offer that she instantly refused, but we finally ended up with a compromise that was fair for both of us. She had been following the value of Dorettis for years and wasn't about to just give it away. I think one of the key factors for letting me buy the car was when she asked me if I was going to put it back together and sell it. I told her that my plan was to put it back together and enjoy it. I told her I had no plans to sell the car once it was completed and that I would let her drive it when it was finished. She was only 15 years old when her father took the car apart.

Many improper modifications had been done to the car and I have managed to put most things back to original condition. It appears that several people who knew absolutely nothing about Dorettis worked on the car over the years after it was taken apart. Fortunately for me, I had disassembled my first Doretti and had a pretty good idea what was correct and what was not.

The mileage shown on the odometer is 33,000 miles, but the original TR2 engine had been replaced with a TR3A engine. Since I am not restoring the car to "show quality", I will not replace the engine. I still have a lot of work to do to get the car roadworthy and I am targeting October of this year to have it completed so I can take it to a local car show along with my Morgan and TR3.


Ted Watson

Photos From Customer, Ted Watson