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PHOTO OF THE WEEK—SpitFire: The Next Generation


I have once again stolen the keyboard from Albert in order to write you all another newsletter full of many interesting and unrelated things! Life at TRF continues to march forward with the steady drone of orders working their way through the building. While we always strive to do our absolute best to get orders filled and out the door in an expedient fashion, COVID has delayed some inbound shipments and thrown some uncertainty into back order estimates. We appreciate everybody’s business and friendship we have received. Our showroom and parts counter are still closed but we are still able to remote deliver parts to visitors in our parking lot for orders called-in in advance.

Summer has certainly been slipping by us here this year. I’m not sure if it seems like it has been faster than usual because of not gearing up for Summer Party, not going to any car shows, or because my daughter keeps me busy as she’s growing like a weed. I haven’t had the Spitfire out much this summer due to just not having the time to do so. I finally had the opportunity to get it out this week and decided it was also a good time to break out the matching t-shirt and onesie. I had Amanda, my daughter’s mother, meet me at a local park around a lake called Blue Spruce Park. Blue Spruce Lake is a beautiful little lake that was constructed to supply water for steam locomotives at the near-by Cummings Yard outside of the town of Creekside. I have included some pictures here of our little excursion including a candid photo of my own of Amanda and her 4th child with my Spitfire. I’m hoping that as time goes on that my little girl grows up loving that little green car and treats it with the same love as I have. Will, our wonderful website wizard, will put the pictures below.

I will wrap up the newsletter here and wish you all great health and safety until we talk again. We have both Kas Kastner’s 4th book and “The Red Car” book on sale right now and we also have MG and Triumph masks available for those of you that need to hide your ugly mugs. I know the masks have helped my looks immensely!

“Live Long and Prosper”