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Photos of the Week: TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, Spitfires, GT6, MGB WINDOW SEAL AND handbrake lever mounting brackets


We have just received a long-awaited shipment of the correct fuzzy weatherstrip used as inner window scraper seals on doors of TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, Spitfires, GT6, and even MGB. The correct strips have a stainless steel bead along the top that is correct for all of these models.

We had despaired over the past year or so, as the only available stripping wasn’t very fuzzy. The new batch is as nice as I have ever seen. This seal comes to us in eight-foot lengths which is cut to the correct lengths for all models and also bent to shape for TR4, TR4A, TR250, and TR6 by a local engineering company. Spitfire and GT6 get a different treatment, as each seal has a little pin at each end. I am especially happy to have this seal again—other vendors seem to have given up, and they are supplying a non original product that I would be ashamed to sell. Backorders should be filled within a couple of weeks.


Photo of Fuzzy Door Seal Shipment

A New Shipment of Fuzzy Door Seals

This Close-up of the Fuzzy Seal Shows the Stainless Steel Bead Along the Top of the Seal

This Close-up of the Fuzzy Seal Shows the Back Side of the Fuzzy Seal

Photos of the Week: TR2, TR3 handbrake lever mounting brackets


Another “new” product had also just arrived, as a customer had arranged for a very small run of handbrake lever mounting brackets. Not a part that is in big demand by anyone who has his or her original part, but Carl Musson didn’t have an original part, just two broken ones. He had arranged to have a couple made, but I said I would take a couple of dozen, and that made the cost for each one more bearable. As stated, the sample part was on my desk today along with our “Sell & Die” original sample, of which we try to keep one for every part in our inventory. For all practical purposes, the original and the new production are identical, and we now have some in the bin on the shelf to sell. The part is already listed in the TR2, TR3 glove box catalogue, the part no. being 107630 on page 82. The ”Your” Price: is $29.98. The same part will fit TR4.


Photo of handbrake lever mounting brackets

TR2, TR3, and TR4 Handbrake Lever Mounting Brackets