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Also today, we received a pair of the new TR2, TR3 rear fenders made on new tooling. I haven’t had a chance to even hold these up to a car yet, but I will do so over the next few days. If they were painted with red oxide and fitted with “Stanpart” labels, they might easily be mistaken for NOS Triumph products, although it is hoped that they may fit better. I looked over the fenders received, and they include the captive nuts and mounting holes. Also the little bracket for the support stays fitted behind the rear wheels. The fenders come primed with what looks like epoxy primer, so it will not be necessary to strip these before painting. These products are loaded with quality, and I hope they will bolt right onto cars. I don’t know about the fit right now, but I will very soon. More on these later. Right now, TRF is offering them at an introductory price of $899.00 each.


Photo of new TR2-TR3 rear fender

Photo of new TR2-TR3 rear fender inside

Photo of new TR2-TR3 rear fender cage bracket

Photo of new TR2-TR3 rear fender bracket