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We have been doing a lot of work with brake calipers for the new micro catalogue on caliper rebuilding, and I was looking at the photos. It seemed to me that the crossover pipe on early TR3 calipers should go over the top of the caliper body rather than under it where it might grind on the moving brake disc. Dan Compston was in my office, and he stated that he thought original calipers in our collection had the pipes down under. I pulled a copy of the original Triumph workshop manual for TR2 with TR3 supplements from the shelf by my desk. It took about ten seconds to find the right page with a photo of a caliper on a car with the pipe down under. Dan was correct, but we are also thinking of the need to make sure the pipe is not fouling the brake disc.

This above problem is only one that can be solved by reference to the original workshop manuals. I have had my red one since I was in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. I purchased it from the local Triumph dealer for $25.00 in autumn 1972. It was winter then, and I didn’t have a great place to work on my TR3A, so I spent time in my room at the farmhouse reading that manual from cover to cover. Later I referred to it constantly, as I rebuilt my car from the bare frame, including engine and gearbox. I was only a novice mechanic then with some experience servicing tractors and other equipment on the farm. The big red book told me everything I needed to know. The photo below is of my book which I have kept in perfect condition. Original copies are no longer available, but TRF stocks reprints from Brooklands Books.

Photo of an original TR2 Factory Workshop Manual

An Original TR2 Factory Workshop Manual Owned by Charles Runyan