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Fall can be a slow time in the British Car business as customers in the colder climates start to put their cars away for the winter, but things have been pretty steady here at The Roadster Factory. I’m sure the catalog we sent out a few weeks ago has helped generate sales, I’ve talked to a lot of customers who are happy to have received it. Of course frame off restorations can go on for some time and customers working on one of those projects place orders throughout the year. We have some customers who seem to restore one or two cars a year. Others have to steal a few hours here and there from the other priorities they have in life and it isn’t uncommon for restorations to go on for a number of years or decades. I received an email from Bill Stanfill this week with some nice pictures. He looks to be going strong on his long door TR2 restoration. The chassis, suspension and drive train appear to be complete and he is moving on to bodywork. I think I see an Offenhauser valve cover, Alfin brake drums, alloy radiator and various other upgrades. Bill also sent some pictures of what his Triumph Herald looks like under the bonnet, I think he likes to go fast...


Photo of Bill Stanfill's TR2 body shell

Bill Stanfill's TR2 body shell

Photo of Bill Stanfill's TR2 chassis

Bill Stanfill's TR2 chassis

Photo of Bill Stanfill's Herald chassis

Photo of Bill Stanfill's Herald chassis