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Since the weather is getting better we’ve had a few more “walk-in” customers than usual at TRF.  There haven’t been too many customers in sports cars yet, but we’ll see more of those as the weather gets more reliably spring-like.  On Saturday, Allan Rhodes of Paducah, KY stopped by to say hello.  I believe Allan was in Philadelphia on another errand and he took a detour on his way back to Kentucky so he could see the company he’s been ordering the parts for his Spitfire from.  I gave Allan a quick tour of the building and he picked up a tool for installing his door waist seals.  Allan sent some pictures of the car he is working on. I really like the hard-top on the later Spitfires.  I wonder if we have any extras somewhere in the warehouse...


Photo of Alan Rhodes' Spitfire

Photo of Alan Rhodes working on his Spitfire