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Of course I have my Dad on my mind this week. The tagline for the newsletter, “Charles Here”, popped into my mind for some reason when I was trying to think of a tagline, so I went with it. It refers to the way Charles always answered the phone. Charles never had an answering machine or a cell phone, and he was generally hard to get on the phone. If it was a huge emergency, you had no chance of getting him. If you were calling to let him know you’d just seen the first lightning bug of the year, he was sure to pick up on the first ring. It was always jolly when he answered though, “Charles Here!”

Anyway, the photos of the week are not great quality, but they are from an event in 1986. At one time there was a framed version of the first photo in Charles’ living room, but I haven’t been able to find it. If it turns up eventually, we’ll post it, but the one that we have works in the meantime. Thanks to Brian Thomas for sharing it and the newsletter documenting the event. I know it’s hard to make out, but Charles has a look of pure joy on his face and it’s one of the ways I like to remember him.

If you are able to make it to the memorial run this weekend, I look forward to seeing you. Otherwise, I hope you have a nice weekend and you are able to do something that gives you some joy.



Photocopy of Charles Runyan driving his TR250

Charles driving the One Lap car in the Gymkhana

Photo of Charles at Niagara Falls


The newsleter article describing the event

The newsletter article continued with Charles' photo and story

One of the earliest TRF catalogues written and typed by Charles Runyan