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PHOTO OF THE WEEK—"Hoppy Easter"


We are in the midst of our semi-annual trim sale and I took an order recently from a customer for an MGB carpet set. I believe he has a 1977, and he was complaining about a set he had received from another supplier. He had heard our pattern was good and he wanted to give it a try. I get a lot of feedback on our Triumph carpet sets and I’m confident about them. I can’t say I hear anything negative about our MGB sets, but I wanted to make sure we were providing him with something he’d be happy with, so I asked him to send some pictures of what he was concerned about. He sent pictures of the pieces in the footwell, which I sent back to the carpet shop with his order so Brenda could take a look at them before she made up his set. Brenda was back in touch with me the next day, and our pattern is different! We poked around in the sample carpet sets we have and took a piece off an MGB stored in the warehouse so Brenda could copy them. We’ll supply both patterns for this area to the customer so he can give us some feedback. Perhaps the pieces were designed differently for ease of installation or because they are mostly out of sight, but that’s never really been the TRF way. Although TRF is a small company compared to some of our corporate competitors, I think we have a core of really great people, Brenda being one of them, who care about doing a good job and providing the best parts we can to our customers. I’ll give you an update on the MGB carpet set in the coming weeks.

Speaking of Brenda, she made a pretty neat Easter decoration that has been on the front counter at TRF for a couple of weeks. On that note, I’ll wish you a “Hoppy” Easter.



Photo of handcrafted bunny

photo of back of handcrafted bunny