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We had an older post from Mark Laura, and now we are adding a link to his story of an article that he wrote entitled “Confessions of a TR6-aholic”. The article appeared in February 2019 issue of “The Terminal Post”, a newsletter of the Positive Earth Drivers Club in Central New Jersey. You can use this link to view the pdf of Mark's article

Mark Laura also shared some photos of his 1975 TR6 to Facebook last week. He had recently completed a suspension rebuild on it and wanted to thank TRF for the parts he had used. “I have to thank the Roadster Factory. My TR6 thanks you too! My rear suspension rebuild went great! My car sits much better! Much better stance, rear is level now and the ride is great!! I like being a member and love all the parts I’ve received from TRF! Thanks! (Picture with top down is the old rear stance...) Some say the rear may be a bit high... I like it!” Then this Monday, Mark posted another photo of his TR6, “As of today,” he commented. Mark also reports that the car is settling a little bit and is no longer quite as high in the back. I am sure he will get a lot of compliments on the car. You can see all of his photos on our fourth Photos of the Week web page or see them on Facebook!


Photo of Mark Laura's TR6 before suspension rebuild

Photo of Mark Laura's TR6 before suspension rebuild

Photo of Mark Laura's TR6 immediately after suspension rebuild

Photo of Mark Laura's TR6 immediately after suspension rebuild

Photo of Mark Laura's TR6 immediately after suspension rebuild

Photo of Mark Laura's TR6 after suspension rebuild

Close up photo of Mark Laura's suspension rebuild

Close up photo of Mark Laura's suspension rebuild in progress

Photo of Mark Laura's TR6

Older photo of Mark's TR6 taken at Sandy Hook

Photo of Mark Laura's TR6



Eric Dieckhoff—What springs did he use? Are those 15" rims? What tires are those? I've got standard TR-6 rims with 205 65 15 on my car now and I like the way it sits. I've been wanting to redo my suspension but I don't want to get stock springs and it sits high. TIA

Mark Laura—Hey Eric! Sorry for not getting to you sooner! The tires are Ventus (by Hankook) 205/55 R16. The wheels are Konig Rewinds. I bought the car with them. I thought I had a picture of the sizing stamped into the wheel but I do not. I could take a wheel off if you need the exact size. The rebuild on the suspension was all rubber( forgot one set of bumpers that are on their way right now!), springs, trailing arm brackets and hardware all around and rebuilt lever shocks. I also installed new brakes, and brake cylinders in the rear and new front disc pads. The springs are in fact stock springs from TRF as well as everything else. Love the ride now. My old springs I believe are original. I was not getting the ride from the car that I should. Replacing the levers along with the springs made a world of difference. When I took the levers off I couldn’t believe how weak they were!! Thanks for the compliments buddy!!

Mark Jackson—Those wheels look awesome

Lee Spencer—Mark Jackson needs to be dropped an inch, to my eye.

Mark Laura —Thank you Mark! Konigs

Lloyd Peterson —Very nice

Tom Edrington —Nice 6!

Mark Laura —Tom! Thank you!!

Tom Edrington —Mark Laura Mine should be ready in a few weeks, just in time to sit in the garage as we're now in the hot, humid rainy season here in Florida ......

Jim Frederick —Great looking 6
Mark Laura —Thanks Jim!

Ron Kingston —REALLY nice looking car, but a bit high front and back, IMHO.

Mark Laura —Ron..I like the stance on her. Everybody has their perfect 6!

Daniel Richard Mabon —Looks beautiful! How recently was the suspension rebuild? It might settle out a little more yet.

Mark Laura —Daniel, just completed last early last week. My first picture was much more gap as it is settling in as I drive the car. I would imagine that they all were like this off the assembly line until they had weight and miles put on them. I’m very happy with the way it turned out thanks to TRF!!! And thank you!

Daniel Richard Mabon —It’s absolutely beautiful!

Stan Foster —I need to get some drapes for the garage windows.

Mark Laura —Stan.. all my $$ go to the car!!!

David Friedman —Looks like 16" Konig Rewind wheels. Stance is perfect.

Mark Laura —David, you are correct about the wheels sir!! ( I also agree on the stance!!!)

Mark Laura —The TR6 center is from TRF.. stick on!

David Friedman Mark - your car I presume? Looks fantastic! I no longer have a TR6 but I still wear my TR6 hat while driving my Datsun roadster

Mark Laura —David, yes it is my car.,I’ve wanted one since I was a kid (quite a long time ago!!) Its not perfect but I do love it!