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Another customer, David Appleby, emailed me some pictures of his TR3A from “Drive your Triumph Day”.  David had sent me some “before” and “getting there” pictures a few weeks ago of his project.  Stuart Diekmeyer and Larry Miceli posted photos of their cars on our Facebook page for “Drive your Triumph Day”.

As you can see, David doesn’t have the windscreen on his car yet.  He mentioned to me that he has an aluminum windscreen frame on his car, which was fitted to some cars originally.  He was looking for the special Tenax studs that were used with the aluminum type frame and he sent me a picture of one of his old ones.  Of course we have just what he was looking for and I sent him a link to the listing in the TR3 Glove Box catalog.  I was kind of surprised other suppliers don’t bother with this part and only supply the type for the chrome plated windshield frames.  The balls on the studs that they do have don’t look particularly round either.  It seems like it would be pretty easy to ruin your aluminum frame by using the wrong studs with the short threads.  If you need the correct studs for your aluminum windscreen, here’s a link to Charles’ listing:


Photo of David Appleby’s TR3A before restoration


Photo of David Appleby’s TR3A during restoration

Nearly there

Photo of David Appleby’s TR3A finished restoration

Ready to drive

553827 553837 tenax studs

553827—Peg, Tenax Fasteners, fitted to chrome plated windscreen frames, after comm. no. TS60000 on left
553837—Peg, Tenax Fasteners, fitted to polished aluminium windscreen frames, after comm. no. TS60000—on right