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Elmer Elliot sent me some pictures this week of a TR4A that I’d like to share with you,  Elmer tells me the car was restored in the 1970s and his daughter drove it in high school and college in the 1980s.  She still drives the car now and he tells me it still runs great with TRF parts.  One of the things that makes me confident about the future of TRF is the way a car can become an integral part of a family’s experience.  To me this means the next generation will have an interest in keeping these cars on the road too.

Elmer says, "These are some pictures of a our, actually my daughter’s, 67 TR4A IRS. We rebuilt it in the mid 70’s (she was 7 at that time) with the promise that it was hers when turned 16. She drove it through high school and then college. Still runs great today and comes back to me when it needs some care. The Roadster Factory provided all the parts for the rebuild, it is mostly original, to include 100% Lucas electrical, Engine, Tranny and the original SU Carbs."


Photo of Elmer Elliot's TR4A

Photo of Elmer Elliot's TR4A—front view

Photo of Elmer Elliot's TR4A- side view

Photo of Elmer Elliot's TR4A, rear view