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Another aspect of the car collection we’ve been working on is getting the Sabrina engine parts out of storage. I was poking around one of the shipping bays for some “banquet tables” to set some of these parts on and I came across some very tired looking ones in a corner. I believe they were brought here a number of years ago by Mr. John Dabars. The story I heard is that he stole them from some nuns, but that is probably an embellishment. Dabars would always bring some parts to sell back when we had a flea market at Summer Party and he would store his tables here rather than transporting them back and forth to his home in Indianapolis. I also recently came across a little leaflet written by John a few decades ago about his first visit to The Roadster Factory. I had heard of this story many times, but I’m not sure if I ever actually read it until recently. I got some good chuckles out of it and I think John’s personality comes across wonderfully in his writing. I haven’t heard from Dabars for a little while now, I hope he is still out there somewhere.